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I've written widely on range of microbial formulations and interactions.

1 Patent

A herbal NANO-EMULSION FOR SKIN CARE and a process for the preparation thereof. - [IN 202011049588; Issued Nov 11, 2020]


  • Medicinal plants associated microflora as an unexplored niche of biopesticide. In Biopesticides.

  • Integrated approach for technology transfer awareness of traditional knowledge for upliftment of circular bioeconomy.

  • Nanotechnology: A Valuable asset contribution to positive impact on environment. In Bioremediation.

  • Endophytic microbial interaction with legume crop for developing resistance against nutrient stress.

  • Microbial Formulation Approaches in Post-Harvest Disease Management.

  • A green nano-synthesis to explore the plant microbe interactions.

  • Bioremediation via nanoparticles: An innovative microbial approach.

  • Diversity, Systematic and Application of Fungi.

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